Breastfeeding Consultations

"Rosie was amazing at listening to my breastfeeding issues and more importantly listening to how I felt.  She was very easy to talk to and gave me great advice which then led to my issues being resolved very swiftly after my consultation.  I had explored other many avenues in terms of help re breast feeding prior to seeing Rosie but none seemed to help and I was so relieved to have found Rosie.  I never thought my issues would be resolved but thanks to Rosie they were".

Suzie,  Stockport    

"I can't thank you enough for all your help, advice, positivity and encouragement to get me this far."

Fredelina, Manchester


"An email to say thank you for your help with breastfeeding a couple of weeks ago. Although things didn't work out with the feeding, we both valued your advice and assessment. Finding out why the latch was difficult was a relief and you were very thorough and supportive. I have passed your details on to my midwife in case any other ladies want help." 

RS, Lymm, Cheshire

"A consultation with Rosie was of great benefit to me. Having had ongoing issues with blocked ducts, I'd had no success in resolving them after visiting breastfeeding groups or calling breastfeeding helplines. A personal visit was much better as Rosie was able to watch a feed and give advice specific to my own issues. She was very friendly and took her time to understand & listen. She also left me with information to read & has followed up afterwards to see how things were going. Following her visit, things have improved & I would definitely recommend a consultation with Rosie!" 

SW, Sheffield, Yorkshire

"Having struggled for 3 months to breastfeed my twins, Rosie helped me to understand and weigh up my options taking into account the wider needs of my babies and family. She observed my babies feeding, weighed them before and after a feed, and gave me some tips for dealing with blocked ducts. I am now happily mixed feeding, alternating which twin gets bottle/breast at each feed. This has reduced my stress and as a result my supply has increased meaning, with expressing just 3/4 times per day, I'm almost giving them 100% breast milk anyway.  And we have time to leave the house!"

LDK, Manchester

I just wanted to say thank you very much for helping Joanne and Charlotte. You'll be very pleased to know Joanne has been successfully breast feeding since you came over to help, with no need for formula or expressing.  She was very determined to stick with it and I think a combination of your support and the tablets have really helped with the pain. 
If we hear of anyone else struggling we will definitely recommend you for your fantastic support.
AL, Stoke on Trent

Combined Lactation consultation, Baby Massage and Baby First Aid (day visit)

"Thank you for your visit. We all enjoyed it and found it most informative. The feeding is much more comfortable, in fact I haven't had any pain since making the changes you suggested."

AL, Oswestry, Shropshire

Baby Massage Classes

"It is more than a baby massage class.  It is the most relaxing afternoon in my 


"5 week course was brilliant - would definitely come back to repeat."

What do parents like best about the class?

  • Relaxed atmosphere to accommodate unpredictable babies
  • Conversation, relaxed atmosphere
  • Having a nice relaxing time with my baby on our own

What have parents found the most important experience since starting baby massage classes?

  • Seeing how my baby has enjoyed the massage more each week
  • Connecting through the massage and learning what Isobelle enjoys the most